Natural Rock Water Features

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Landscaping: Water Feature

Type: Natural Rock

Waterfalls and ponds lend tranquility and peace to your outdoor space, providing a place to unwind, reflect and release the day’s stress. At Lidyoff Landscape Development Co., we believe that the right water feature is a valuable investment in your home—and in your well-being.

Benefits of Outdoor Natural Rock Water Features

In addition to their beauty, natural rock waterfalls and water features offer distinct advantages for homeowners. These include:

  • White noise:  When you bring the sound of a mountain waterfall into your yard, you’ll benefit from the relaxing, ambient hum that camouflages loud neighbors, barking dogs and street noise. Leave your windows open at night, allowing yourself to be lulled to sleep by your waterfall or cantera fountain.
  • Humidification: Waterfalls add natural humidity to your dry, Central Valley backyard, providing a fertile environment for moisture-loving plants and thriving pond life.
  • Custom décor:  Each of our natural rock waterfalls are a unique piece of art, destined to become the focal point of your outdoor living environment.
  • Aeration for wildlife:  Natural rock waterfalls can help to maintain the health of your lagoon or pond by introducing oxygen into the waterscape system. They can also keep your pond clean and clear by circulating water to minimize algae buildup.
  • Landscape appeal:  Designed to complement your landscaping, natural rock waterfalls and water features provide an ideal backdrop for entertaining, meditation or romance.
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