Consulting Services: Leading in Landscape Development for 50 Years

Lidyoff Landscape works with Owners, Architects, Engineers and Developers and has been a leading specialists in Landscape Development challenges and obstacles facing most projects with almost 50 years of experience in design and construction.

Lidyoff consulting services can be an asset in property or site analysis to check on suitability, challenges and opportunities that affect the clients landscape development goals and desires.

Consulting Services - Lidyoff Landscape Water FeaturesConsulting Services - Lidyoff Landscape Water FeaturesConsulting Services - Lidyoff Landscape Water Features
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Consulting Services Areas of Expertise

  1. Site development, layout of house, guest house, barns, vineyards, orchards and pastures.
  2. Water features, design and construction.
  3. Natural rock retaining walls.
  4. Irrigation design, pump sizing, water management solutions.
  5. Drainage, dry wells, bio swells and water retention systems.
  6. Tree and plant selection and relocation.
  7. Private residential golf greens and courses.
  8. Review clients existing designs and drawings.

Consulting Services with Lidyoff Landscape:  Getting Started

If you are interested in Lidyoff Landscaping’s consulting services please visit our contact page to send us an email – here.

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